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Do you love trying to live a healthy life?  Are you excited by what you can do with a capable body?  Maybe you love the challenge of figuring out how to nourish your body well?  Do you have a knack for seeing the commonality between people? And most importantly, do you enjoy sharing your struggles and triumphs with others?

Then, taking advantage of the Beachbody Coaching business opportunity would make perfect sense for you!

Here are three ways to get involved:

1) “I’m just in it for the discount.”  That’s great! That’s what first got me involved:  I wanted that 25% discount on my monthly home-delivered Shakeology order.  Here are the numbers:

– Spend $39 for your initial sign-up fee.  Includes your startup kit, which includes your new coach DVDs, business material, compensation plan, product catalog and more. The startup fee also includes your first month’s website hosting.  Here’s what the included web-sites look like:

– Pay $17.95 each month for a coach’s back-office web-site plus the personalized web-sites for you to show the public. Includes basic access to Team Beachbody’s user site.

–  Get 25% off all of your purchases.  If you purchase Shakeology as a coach, and do absolutely NOTHING ELSE to promote your Beachbody business, you will STILL save at least $80 a year on your Shakeology.  I call this getting the Coach’s VIP Discount. Worth it!

2)  “I just like telling people about it, and getting occasional commission checks.”  Super!  For several years that was me:  I put absolutely minimal time into my Beachbody business (less than one hour per week!) and still got checks each month ranging from $30 – $180) because some people noticed that I felt better with my Shakeology or that I was loving my workouts, and they were inspired to try, too..  Here are the numbers:

– Same as above.

– Receive 25% commission on sales through your website and personal links.

3)  “I love the possibilities and want to build a team of like-minded people who care about others, body, mind, and spirit.  I love the sky’s-the-limit of residual income!”  Whoo-hooo! That’s where I am now!  I am building a like-minded team of people who also want to put in 20-60 minutes a day to consciously be open to what others need in their lives to help them live happier, healthier, and just better.  People who understand that this is NOT sales, it’s truly relationships-building and need-fulfilling and helping others rise up. Here are the basic numbers:

– Same as above.

– Once you become an Emerald level coach (meaning you have two active coaches that you are mentoring) you will be required to upgrade to the Team Beachbody Club membership for the user site, which will give you access to meal plans, star trainer chats, and more.  This is $39 per quarter, or about $13 per month.

– As an Emerald level coach you will log at least 8 workouts each month on Beachbody’s user site – be a good example!

– As an Emerald level coach you are expected to accrue $50 in “PV” each month, or wholesale “product value.”  You can easily do this by having just one Shakeology customer (ideally on home delivery).  Your own personal monthly Shakeology order also qualifies for the $50 PV minimum.

– Being an Emerald level coach who helps at least three people each month qualifies you to receive customer referrals from Beachbody themselves!  These are customers who purchase Beachbody products without a coach, who are then assigned to you.  Nice!  Then you receive commissions on their subsequent purchases.

– As your team grows, so do your residual benefits! You can start receiving weekly checks based on your team’s sales.  The more you rise up and help your team grow, the better off ALL of you are! Truly, the sky is wide open with possibilities if you care about your customer and team and are willing to put in a little time each day.

More numbers… There are some other expenses that are completely optional, and worth considering.

– Start your new Beachbody business with a coach’s challenge pack, which includes your choice of Beachbody workout PLUS a month of Shakeology AND your sign-up fee is waived!

– Consider getting yourself business cards, or Shakeology flyers, or other easily carried and hand-out-able marketing materials.

– Think about ordering packets of Shakeology to offer as samples as a marketing expense (keep track for your taxes!).  I also ordered some of the workouts to loan to clients who were on the fence and wanted a “taste” before they purchased (again, I gave this to my accountant as a business expense).  Remember:  your Beachbody business can be completely inventory-free!

Ready?  Then let’s go! Contact me to get started at whatever level you’re interested in:

Let’s do it! 😀

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