Hello!  So nice to meet you!  I’m Mona Sabrina Al-Haddad of TeamMona, an ACE-certified Pilates-based personal trainer and group fitness instructor with the best job in the world:  helping my clients and classmembers become leaner, stronger, more stable, and happier with who they are.

There’s more than one way to achieve a fitness goal.  I’ve taught step, kickbox, and Zumba, plus athletic conditioning classes.  I love indoor and outdoor cycling, playing soccer,  kettlebells, and the TRX.  I’ve been called  “relentlessly positive,” and of course, I take that as a compliment.

I haven’t always appreciated the joy of movement outside of a ballet studio.  When I was younger I believed the old adage that “dancers don’t sweat, they glow.”  I loved ballet and took dance through sophomore year in college, but would not do anything that caused me to visibly perspire.  Then life caught up with me:  no more dance, full-time job, and two children later I found myself obese with knees that were about to give out and a metabolism heading down the road toward diabetes.

It wasn’t easy turning my life around. If you are just starting out or are on a plateau or are hitting some roadblock, boy, do I ever understand where you are.  Take a breath, and look me in the eyes now:  you can do it.  You CAN keep going, upward, and better.  And we can do it, together, one day at a time… and we can even enjoy getting sweaty.  😉

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