Every Body Fitness, Shakeology

TeamMona: Every Body Fitness is my business for personal training, group fitness instruction, and public speaking.  Most of my personal training time is spent as a happily independently-contracted instructor at Pilates Northwest in northeast Seattle (www.pilatesnorthwest.com).  I feel blessed to help clients there with their fitness and movement goals, and I love the collaborative rapport I have at Pilates Northwest with my professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated colleagues.

I  have very limited openings for in-home personal training as well as personal training through the University Family YMCA (www.web.mac.com/msabrinaa).  Sounds busy, but I just love helping people simply move better.

One way I hope to help more people bring fitness and health into their lives is through Shakeology on my Beachbody site (www.beachbodycoach.com/teammona)….  A few years ago I was trying to nail down my nutrition.  I had read several studies that said supplements are not necessary if one eats a balanced diet, so I was determined to, well, balance my diet!  Though I made progress, the constant tweaking made eating a chore, not the pleasure that God has graced it to be.  I needed something simpler, but I still wanted to avoid supplements and to continue to eat whole foods as much as possible… In 2008 I learned about Shakeology from an enthusiastic fellow instructor.  She had heard about it from a nutritionist who had recommended it to her… I researched it myself, then in 2009 attended a seminar on the low-glycemic benefits of Shakeology’s all-natural, whole-food ingredients plus prebiotics… I decided to give it a try and have been using it as one meal each weekday since. I recover from activity faster, I have more energy, I seem to shake off colds and flues more easily:  I’m hooked!… I encourage you to add Shakeology to your diet.  If you don’t feel healthily different in 30 days Beachbody will refund your money.  Ask me for a free single sample, or better yet, I can send you a 4-pack of samples for just $19.95 via PayPal so you, too, can start to feel great!

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