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TeamMona: Every Body Fitness is my business for personal training, group fitness instruction, fitness accountability coaching, and public speaking.  You’ll find a link to the Punchpass-hosted calendar of my class schedule on my www.teammona.com/events page, or  simply click here to go directly to the Punchpass calendar .

Most of my personal training time is spent happily at Pilates Northwest (PNW) in northeast Seattle.  At PNW I lead private one-on-one sessions, duets, and small group reformer classes. I feel blessed to help clients there with their fitness and movement goals, and I love the collaborative rapport I have at PNW with my professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated colleagues. NoteIf you are a current PNW client seeking online-via-Zoom sessions with me, please contact me! Spaces are filling up fast!

I  have very limited openings for in-home personal training, online-via-Zoom personal training, and for personal training through the University Family YMCA  Sounds busy, but I just love helping people simply move better.

One more way I hope to help more people bring fitness and health into their lives is through Shakeology …  

In 2007 I was trying to nail down my nutrition.  I had read several studies that said supplements are not necessary if one eats a balanced diet, so I was determined to balance my diet through real food and avoid supplements…  Though I made progress, the constant tweaking made eating a chore, not the pleasure that God has graced it to be… I needed something simpler, but I still wanted to avoid supplements and to continue to eat whole foods as much as possible… In 2008 I learned about Shakeology from an enthusiastic fellow instructor.  She had heard about it from a nutritionist who had recommended it to her… I researched it myself, then in 2009 attended a seminar on the low-glycemic benefits of Shakeology’s all-natural, whole-food ingredients plus prebiotics and probiotics, and then the same year a nutritionist mentioned it at the annual World Spinning and Sport Conference… I decided to give it a try and have been using it as one meal each day since… I recover from activity faster, I have more energy, I seem to shake off colds and flues more easily, and my system just feels better:  I’m hooked!

I encourage you to add Shakeology to your diet.  If you don’t feel healthily different in 30 days your money will be refunded.  It’s available in sample packs of regular and vegan flavors. I just ask that when you do try the sample pack that you promise to enjoy one Shakeology daily so all the goodies in it can start to do their magic so that you, too, can start to feel great!

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