Some Days Need You To Play Offense

There are days when you have a big to-do list, or just a normal list but you didn’t get enough sleep… days when you are doubting that what you want to achieve isn’t worth the effort, or that what you want is worth it, but you just can’t figure out how to make it happen.

Meet those draining thoughts head-on with a mental attack that will energize you! You can close your eyes, or you can stare determinedly at yourself in the mirror, but either way pick a positive mantra and repeat it fervently for at least thirty seconds.

You can try something like one of these, for example:

•. “I am excited for this day/this workout/this project!”

• “I am capable and can handle this with grace!”

• “I have SO got this! I can’t wait to show myself how awesome I am!”

You’ll set off a positive chemical reaction in your brain that really will help you feel more energized and improve your outlook.

–> What are some of the “yes-I-can” things you tell yourself?

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UW certificate in Sports Med. & Human Performance, ACE-certified personal trainer, apparatus-certified Pilates instructor, with experience in formats from Zumba to Kettlebells... I believe there is a move for every body, and size and age is not a barrier to joyful movement or better health. We just have to find it, the best movement for your body... I get the struggle of loving oneself enough to find way toward better health, even if it doesn't look like what media shoves down our throats... and I believe health is multi-faceted, caring for our body, mind, and spirit, and for each other.
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