Client spotlight: the one and only LT!

If you come to Pilates Northwest, you’ve probably seen my client LT.  He’s the guy who, when he’s not in the middle of his session, instantly puts everyone at ease with his friendly smile and self-deprecating quips. He’s also the guy other clients notice during his session focusing hard on the smallest movements, inspiring them with his intense concentration and work ethic.  You might have seen that he has an unusual gait. You probably guessed that he was born with cerebral palsy.


LT is one of the most inspiring people I know. He never, ever stops working at improving. He always gives 100%. And he says things during his Pilates session like:  “That’s hard… I LOVE it!” and even after a really hard and especially muscle-lengthening workout:  “That’s. AWESOME!”


And this month, LT is featured in Pilates Northwest’s client spotlight! I encourage you to take a moment to check it out. I think you’ll be inspired by his dedication to figuring things out, to not giving up, to finding a way forward when the end goal is clear even though the pathway is not.

From LT:

“My work with Mona and Pilates Northwest has been the key to me learning to speak and understand the language of my own movement. Everyone’s language will be different, but they will all respond positively to Pilates. Pilates will challenge you, but it will also change you!”

Check him out here:

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UW certificate in Sports Med. & Human Performance, ACE-certified personal trainer, apparatus-certified Pilates instructor, with experience in formats from Zumba to Kettlebells... I believe there is a move for every body, and size and age is not a barrier to joyful movement or better health. We just have to find it, the best movement for your body... I get the struggle of loving oneself enough to find way toward better health, even if it doesn't look like what media shoves down our throats... and I believe health is multi-faceted, caring for our body, mind, and spirit, and for each other.
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