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Let’s be honest… we’ve all been there, me included: the alarm goes off, it’s dark outside, and though you told yourself you’d get up and go out to exercise, you roll over and hit snooze instead. Or maybe you’ve finished your work or school day, and you even though you told yourself you’d make it to the gym you plop down on the couch instead. Oy!

Staying self-motivated can be a real challenge when you haven’t slept enough, haven’t eaten particularly well, when you’re feeling fatigued, or especially if you’re depressed or feeling anxiety. These are the times when we all need a hand; we need a workout buddy!  Studies have shown that people are better at sticking with a workout routine when they have someone to be accountable to, someone who’s counting on them to SHOW UP.

Depending on your personality, your workout buddy can be:

β€’ A friend! Choose a friend, family-member, or co-worker whom you can give permission to gently nag you about showing up, someone who will encourage you to be your best self and not be a pushover when you are feeling like a slug. Considerations: 1) For best buddy results, choose someone with a) similar goals, b)  at a similar fitness level, and, c) who can work out on a similar schedule. 2) Figure out what activities make you both tick. If you have to drag your friend to HIIT class when they just want to do yoga, one of you will be harder to motivate.


My cycle class peeps! 

β€’ A group fitness class. Getting to know your fellow members and instructor creates a community that expects you to show up regularly and be part of its success.  These people can become a multitude of friends!  Considerations: 1) This one may be a challenge to stick to initially are too shy or anxious to speak to anyone, or if you don’t feel “fit enough” to be seen in a gym (a very human feeling!).  You may have better consistency making your friend come with you to class and both of you becoming part of the community together. 2) Choose a gym or fitness studio that is convenient to either home, school, or work. If it’s further than 10 – 15 minutes away you may find yourself skipping unless your friend is driving. 3) On-going punch-card or membership cost may be a deterrent.


Sharon J.! She shows up for me and puts in the work 

β€’ A personal trainer. You paid for their time, so hopefully that is a motivator for you to show up to your appointment!  Finding the right trainer can not only encourage you to get your exercise in, it could change your life. You might find that you will work a little harder – and smarter – with that one-on-one attention. Considerations: 1) It may take a few tries to find a trainer you really mesh with. If this approach appeals to you, be patient! When you find them, you’ll know. I have clients whom I LOVE who’ve worked with me for YEARS.  2) Depending on the situation, you may have to pay a gym membership on top of the personal training fee. 3)  If you are not motivated by money, then hopefully you’ve found a trainer whose personality motivates you to show up.

… Another option which combines aspects of these, and has the added bonus of you not having to work against the inertia of not wanting to leave the house, is to join one of my Accountability Challenge Groups.  In my groups, which run through an app or social media, you will commit to a workout schedule and to healthier nutrition. You’ll workout in the comfort of your own home or office – in your pjs if you want! and with a friend if you want! – and check-in with me daily via the app. I’ll supply you with something to think about health-wise each day, and we’ll all cheer each other on through our fitness ups and downs.


Me, getting my on-demand workout done. When I lead a group, I have to be accountable, too!

The benefits of this group challenge approach are many. The on-demand workouts can be done anywhere that you can find about six feet of space, as long as you have a phone, computer, or TV to stream them, and at any time of day. You can meet up at your friend’s basement, you can take your workout on vacation, you can even do it outside as long as you’ve got wifi to stream. You also get a little daily attention from your coach (me!), and you get to bounce ideas off the group… AND, in some of the groups, everyone can choose from their own on-demand program! That means if your friend wants to join the accountability group with you but you want to do Core De Force kickbox and your friend wants to do Cize hip-hop, you can!… PLUS, because you check in virtually via the app, you don’t even have to be in the same town working out at the same time to be cheering each other on with the group.

So, whether you find a friend, join a class, hire a trainer, or grab a friend and join my challenge group, you’ll find that working out is always #bettertogether.  πŸ™‚


PS.  Want more info about my next Accountability Challenge Group? Ask today to get in on the next one. πŸ™‚




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